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Rohini Biotech Consultancy (RBC) is a part of SKM BioTech Pvt Ltd, which was founded in 2009. RBC providing various services i.e. Consultation for new biotech firm setup, New Technology Transfer provisions, BioTech experts, Biomedical Instrumentation Experts and HR Services.


Biotech companies has many vacancies of position due to the lack of required skill for those vacancies. RBC provides training to the biotech graduates to enhance their skill sets for right required position in various biotech pharma companies.

It acts as RBC cells of blood, by providing oxygen to the body parts, similarly RBC provides oxygens (right talented candidate/employee) to the employer/biotech firms to function the company with its full pace. As many biotech firms have huge lacks biotech experts in their organisation, which leads to slow growth.

RBC provides free consultation services to biotech, life science, medical graduate students for a career growth, who would like to get free expert guidance to a career path. RBC experts will help graduate students with free of cost services and a complete guidance line to make career in the Academy or BioTech Industry/Pharma Industry.


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